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“After working with Julie on several critical projects, I would not trust the job to anyone else. 

To be able to relax and focus on running a high profile event and being fully immersed in the moment, completely secure in the knowing that Julie was there discreetly doing some of the greatest camera work you can imagine, is priceless.  

They say a photograph can speak a thousand words, but I do not have the words to express the magic of what Julie can create and capture with her camera. 

She's got it.  The results speak for themselves."

Jennifer Ann, Priya Bliss

“I never knew taking photos could be so much fun! I am always a bit nervous in front of the camera but Julie was able to keep me relaxed and feeling playful the whole time. After seeing the photos, I am absolutely thrilled with the results!

I now have a huge library of visual assets for my business’ website and social channels. It’s such a relief to be able to just go into a folder on my phone to upload photos that I love, rather than searching everywhere for inspiration or the right look. It’s already there.

I can’t wait to do another session in the spring!



Karl Krummenacher, CEO Mindshare collaborative

We recently selected Julie as the event photographer for our high level mastermind, which included 15 minute Lifestyle Portrait sessions for our members.  

The results were incredible, far exceeding our expectations. Our members were blown away by what she achieved in such a short period of time.

Hiring Julie is a no brainer going forward - she dramatically enhanced the value we provided our members while delivering exceptional work.